The PRIME Trading Account

Providing best in class deep FX liquidity backed by a rock solid robust electronic trading infastructure

Tailored towards high net worth, institutional and execution conscious clients who demand an elevated trading service. Our Prime trading account is exactly that - offering tailored liquidity streams customised to each clients requirements, full post trade transparency displaying
which underlying Liquidity Provider has filled your trade, and post trade metrics on trade executions.

Tailored Liquidity

We work with you to provide a tailored cutomisable liquidity stream to meet your trading objectives, ensuring your orders are routed to the optimum Liquidity Provider(s) creating the advantage of optimum fill rates and best trade exection. Be it for executing High Frequency strategies or ensuring you recieve deep top of book for big ticket fills. We endeavour to cater towards asset managers and professional traders to meet and exceed your requirements.

Pre & Post Trade Transparency

We can provide full post trade transparency displaying which underlying Liquidity Provider has filled your trade, to further solidify no conflict of interest and evidence of effective STP trade execution.
Full transparency on LP source both PRE & POST execution
100% STP/DMA
Access to top tier bank and non-bank liquidity streams

Post Trade Execution Metrics

Prime account holders benefit from customisable post trade execution metrics derived directly from the bridge which include but are not limited to:
Average Execution Time
Average Slippage
Average Fill Ratios
LP fill rate by intstrument / side / time of day

FIX API Solutions

Use our FIX API for the fastest execution, best pricing and the lowest latency – offering direct connectivity into to the deepest liquidity pool available for FX traders, whilst bypassing inheritent latency experienced by the GUI. VARIANSE offers rapid deployment and end-to-end solutions for Institutional and high volume API traders, and is powered by industry leading institutional technology vendors:
PrimeXM XCORE & FlexxTrade FIX API available
Average setup time is 48 to 36 hours
Multiple execution modes and order types
Unthrottled price updates

Full Market Depth

Trade the REAL market and benefit from full transparency on who your counterpary is, and the size and quantity they are willing to deal at in real-time. By being able to visualise the depth of book, it allows one to make more informed trading decisions on the current state of the market, the amount of available liquidity at each price level, Top of Book, and the price impact their orders may have.
           Trade Smart.Your capital is at risk.